Visit the famous hot spring town in Hokkaido.


Sounkyo Private Day Tour

Visit the scenic hot spring town and enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery. Walk around the onsen town before heading to Kurodake Ropeway for a panoramic view of the area. Soak in the view of the majestic waterfall of Ginga and Oobako before a delicious warm bowl of ramen at Asahikawa Ramen Village.

Available September to October. For other dates please see our Bus Hire page.

Kurodake Ropeway
Waterfall of Ginga
Asahikawa Ramen Village
Sunagawa Highway Oasis

This tour starts and finishes from Sapporo only. Approx 10 hrs duration. Overtime charges apply if usage exceeds 10 hrs. Highway tolls (if used) are extra.

8 Hours 10 Hours
N/A ¥76,000
Up to 3 pax
N/A ¥85,000
Up to 8 pax
N/A ¥98,000
Up to 15 pax
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