Bus Hire Rates (incl. tax)

MAX3 - 8 Hour Day Hire (up to 3 passengers) ¥48,000¥70,000
MAX8 - 8 Hour Day Hire (up to 8 passengers) ¥54,000¥85,000
MAX15 - 8 Hour Day Hire (up to 15 passengers)¥65,000¥100,000
MAX3 - 12 Hour Day Hire (up to 3 passengers) ¥63,000¥85,000
MAX8 - 12 Hour Day Hire (up to 8 passengers) ¥69,000¥100,000
MAX15 - 12 Hour Day Hire (up to 15 passengers)¥80,000¥115,000
ADD CARGO TRAILER FOR LUGGAGE+ ¥10,000not available
Surcharges may apply when vehicle starts or ends hire at different places or outside the area of our depots. Day hire between December and April is strictly limited.
  • Overuse charges – ¥10,000 per hour or part thereof.
  • Bus Hire is provided for 1 group of passengers only ie. Bus Hire is not to be used to transport different groups of people during the hire.
  • Due to strict licencing laws in Japan, we do not supply guides however we do have English speaking support staff.


  • Driver
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Up to 8 hours usage
  • Up to 12 hours usage add ¥15,000 (12 hour usage option must be decided at time of booking otherwise overuse charges apply)


  • Highway Tolls (if using, allow ¥4,000 per day. we are unable to give accurate quotations)
  • English Speaking Driver - upon request and not guaranteed
  • Driver accommodation – organised at ¥10,000/night or customer may organise
  • Parking Fees

To obtain a custom quotation, send us your full itinerary or send an email to [email protected]