Please view our Terms & Conditions before booking your transfer or day tour.

1. These Terms and Conditions form part of our Terms of Carriage and may be updated at anytime without notice. For more specific information, please contact us.


2. By submitting a Booking Request you are not making a confirmed booking. We will send an email to inform you of availability and to confirm the pick-up time, airport meeting point, associated costs and details. Customers are to ensure our emails are not blocked by filters in order to receive our email communications. Customers are responsible for checking the content of the confirmation that we send once the payment has been made and to advise us if any changes need to be made. Customers are responsible for the payment of all bank fees for any payments from Japanese bank accounts made to us directly into our banking account. Bookings received without payment within 3 days shall be considered cancelled.

3. Customers are solely responsible for the information they enter when making bookings through our website. Please make sure you enter a pickup time that allows enough time for flight delays, customs & immigration clearance, collecting baggage, traveling time and flight check-in. All bookings are for private transport services for 1 group which may arrive on up to 2 separate flights, and all flight and pax details must be provided at the time of bookings.


4. If your flight into New Chitose Airport is delayed or cancelled, contact us so that we may inform you of the next available vehicle. If this time does not suit, you should make an alternative arrangement and no refunds shall be given. Consult your airline or travel insurance company for compensation. We are under no obligation to provide any replacement service as a result of flight delays or cancellations. If your flight details change and you do not inform us, we take no responsibility if you miss the scheduled transfer time. We shall endeavour to change your booking to the new flight details however it may not be possible. You should keep us up to date with any changes to your booking.

5. We accept no liability or responsibility for delayed or cancelled flights and delays due to customs, immigration, traffic, traffic accidents, road closures or weather. SkyExpress hereby assumes no risk whatsoever on behalf of customers for their own travel arrangements. Refunds are not available for passengers arriving on delayed flights that do not make it to meet our services.

6. We are under no obligation to provide any replacement service as a result of delays or cancellations.

7. Refunds shall not occur in the instance where your scheduled flight arrival time into New Chitose Airport is delayed to a time that does not suitably connect with our operational times. Our vehicles operate to government regulated operating hours and distance and our drivers, by law, must adhere to these regulations. If your delayed flight arrives at a time that does not suitably connect and which would cause our drivers to exceed the regulations, we are under no obligation to provide service.


8. Passengers must be ready to depart and waiting at their respective pick-up location 10 mins prior to bus departure time stated on the confirmation provided by us. If you have reserved a Private Transfer and you are late by more than 30 minutes after the agreed booking time, we reserve the right to charge a waiting fee of 10,000yen per hour per vehicle or part thereof (charges start from the agreed pickup time), or we may charge a rebooking fee depending on your scheduled arrival, or we may consider the service cancelled due to scheduled commitments or driver operating hours and distance limitations dictated by government regulations. We are under no obligation to wait or provide a replacement service for passengers that are running late to meet our services for any reason.

9. We may provide a shared transfer service should there be other customers also delayed.


10. Vehicles we use shall depend on the number of booked passengers and can range from small type vans to coaches. Sometimes we may utilise the services of other transport companies to provide our service to our customers. We mainly use Toyota vehicles to provide transfer services. Vehicle make and model cannot be chosen by the customer. Images of vehicles shown on our website are for illustration purposes only.

11. We cannot always guarantee that we can provide the vehicle type that you have ordered, in this case a vehicle of similar type or higher capacity shall be provided (e.g. if you have booked a MAX3 service, we may supply a MAX8 or higher service vehicle. If you have booked a MAX8 service, we may supply a MAX15 or higher service vehicle). We may substitute vehicles based on availability.


12. If you have hired a charter bus on a daily hire basis, the basic usage is set at a maximum of 8 hours per day. Overuse charges are charged at our discretion at the rate of 10,000yen per hour or part thereof. Road tolls, driver accommodation and parking charges are added costs when using our Bus Hire service. Any tolls, parking or any other charges must be paid in cash directly to the driver on the day of the service. Bus Hire is provided for 1 group of passengers only i.e. Bus Hire is not to be used to transport different groups of people during the hire.

13. The fare includes up to 2 pickup and 2 dropoff locations within the same area (5km) which must be all disclosed at the time of booking. Additional stops incur a fee of 6,000yen per stop. Any unplanned diversions/waiting requested by a customer using our private transfer services shall be charged at 10,000yen/hour or part thereof(if vehicle is stationary) or 10,000yen/hr or part thereof (if vehicle is in motion) per vehicle or rejected depending on our other commitments.

14. In order for our vehicles to remain in a sanitary and hygienic state, the consumption of food or beverages (except bottled water) is prohibited whilst onboard. Refreshment stops are provided. The service shall be terminated or be suspended if food or beverages are consumed whilst onboard. A cleaning fee of not less than 10,000yen shall also be charged. If you soil the vehicle in anyway we may also charge a cleaning fee of not less than 10,000yen. Do not leave any personal belongings or rubbish on the bus after completion of service otherwise a cleaning fee of 10,000yen shall apply. We shall not be held responsible or liable for soiled, damaged or lost personal items or luggage whilst in our care.

15. If late night/early morning operations require drivers to stay in hotel, a driver's accommodation fee on 12,000yen will be charged. Any applicable driver's accommodation fees will be disclosed prior to confirmation of the relevant Private Transfers/Day Tours.

16. 15% late night/early morning surcharge for services scheduled to depart between 21:00-06:00 based on the standard service departure time. Service departure times from and to New Chitose Airport are calculated to be 30 mins after domestic flight arrival, 60 mins after international flight arrival and arrival at the terminal 60 mins prior to domestic flight departure, 120 mins prior to international flight departure. When applied at the same time as the period discount, the late night/early morning surcharge is added after the period discount has been applied to the normal rate.


17. We cannot guarantee our buses will operate to exact times or the availability of vehicles hence, vacancies may not always be available at the time/s you require to travel.

18. We reserve the right to change our service to our customers depending on operational requirements due to late flights, weather conditions or any other reason. This may include the rescheduling of buses, taxis, charter and shuttle services to meet our obligations to our passengers.

19. MAX15 and MAX35 vehicles may not be able to access the destination or pickup location you require, in this event the bus shall drop/pickup at a different location (to be discussed on a case by case basis).

20. If we fail in our service obligation except in the cases listed in these Terms & Conditions, a refund shall be issued if prepaid. If for any reason we fail to pickup our passengers at the designated date and/or time, we or our providers shall not be held responsible for the payment of accommodation, taxi fares, train fares or bus fares.

21. We are exempt by law to carry child restraints however we offer child restraints as an option for our customers. Child restraints are on request basis and there is no guarantee they shall be provided.


  • We are fully insured by AIOI NISEEI DOWA Insurance which has offices in 38 countries. Total compensation we provide for injuries/death shall not exceed the value of the insurance policy coverage. The maximum amount of compensation we shall provide for failures of our service or any claims made by passengers regarding our service (non-injury) is 100% of the fare for the booking the claim relates to.

Service and Departure Policy

Our Commitment to Service

Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers has always been our highest priority and that includes providing services as advertised. We also strictly adhere to our advertised departure times as listed on our website and various other forms of literature. We may, from time to time, engage the services of other transport companies to provide our service to our passengers.

Cancellation/Amendment Policy

The Reason For Our Cancellation Policy

We adopt a cancellation and amendment policy to ensure the continued smooth operation and availability of our services. It also acts a deterrent to people who make bookings and then do not show up for their transfer with us. Our cancellation/amendment policy is in force so we can re-allocate vehicles to other travelers wishing to use our services. We consider our policy very fair and commensurate with other policies found throughout the tourism industry.

How Cancellations/Amendments Are Accepted

We accept cancellations/amendments from our passengers directly with us in writing via email only up until 72hrs prior to travel. We do not accept cancellations via a third party. We reserve the right to cancel or amend bookings at anytime prior to service. A refund or credit shall be provided if we choose to cancel a booking and if the booking was prepaid.

Our Cancellation/Amendment Policy

Cancellations/amendments 8 days or more prior to service – no charge & subject to availability. Cancellations/amendments received more than 72hrs and 7 days or less prior to service – 50% of the fare shall be charged or, in the case of amendments, an additional 50% of the fare is charged & subject to availability. Minor amendments will incur a 5,000yen charge. Cancellations/amendments received within 72 hours of service – 100% of the fare shall be charged or, in the case of amendments, an additional 100% of the fare shall be charged & subject to availability. Minor amendments will incur a 5,000yen charge. Customers with Pre-Paid Travel Vouchers do not qualify for refunds.

22. We reserve the right to cancel or amend bookings at anytime prior to service. A refund or credit shall be given if the booking was prepaid. We shall not be held responsible for the payment of accommodation, taxi fares, train fares or bus fares should passenger(s) decide to choose an alternative method of transport upon cancellation. We shall also not be held responsible for the reimbursement of any costs associated with the cancellation or late running of our services.

23. Changes to confirmed bookings are generally not permitted within 7 days of service and ALL changes are subject to availability. Any changes required within this time shall usually incur a fee (see below). We reserve the right to accept or refuse changes to bookings after confirmation is provided.

24. SkyExpress operates wholly in Japan and the law of Japan applies to all services provided. Where services are provided by agents and principals the Bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions of the agent or principal.

25. Subject to Japanese law, SkyExpress, our agents and principals are not liable for any loss, damage, delay, consequential loss, injury or death resulting from any act, alteration or omission by HTM K.K., our agents or principals, any third party, act of god or other circumstances.

26. We expect guests protect themselves against all risks of travel, including the possibility of having to cancel a holiday or alter travel dates, with appropriate Travel Insurance which they arrange at the time they confirm their booking.

If You Do Not Agree With Our Policy
If you do not agree with our Cancellation Policy we ask that you make alternative travel arrangements.

Payments Involving The Use Of Credit Cards & Disclosures Required Under the Specified Commercial Transactions Act in Japan

By providing your credit card details, you authorise us to charge any amount owing to us to the card. This may include any extra charges not included on your original booking that you have incurred.

CompanyHTM K.K.
Contact PersonGreg Turner
AddressNorth 3 East 5, 5-6, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
Mail Address[email protected]
Web Address
Booking meansTransfer bookings accepted via our website only. Bus Hire bookings are accepted by e-mail which must include an itinerary.
Confirmation and Decision of bookingsBookings made by customers will be confirmed when SkyExpress sends an email confirmation to the customer.
Invalidity of bookings and Cancellation of bookingsAll bookings will be invalid if any false information is given in the bookings. Your booking will be cancelled if there is no payment prior to date of service.
PaymentCredit cards – We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and JCB cards.
Cancellation by the customerOver 7 days prior: No charge, 72hrs-7 days prior: 50% charge, Within 72 hours: No refund of payment. Please use email or fax when cancelling.
Privacy sharing and usageWe will never share, sell, or lease any individual personal information with anyone for promotional use without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your bookings.